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Privacy Notice

The protection of your personal information is of the utmost importance to us. Your trust means a lot to us and we do everything possible to retain it. Therefore, Autoteile Post takes special care to ensure that we observe online data protection regulations. Please read the following declaration of data protection to gain an understanding of how your personal data is treated if you make use of our internet offers. Autoteile Post reserves the right to change these guidelines at any time in order to conform to data-protection statutory regulations.

What is personal data?

Personal data is information which can be used explicitly to discover your identity. This includes information like your name, address, postal address, and telephone number. Information which is not directly connected to your real identity, e.g. favourite websites or the number of site users, is not included.

Where is personal data gathered?

You will be asked your surname, first name and other personal details if you would like to order items offered in our website range.

Where can I enter or process my personal data?

Whenever it is necessary to register in order to buy our goods, a login window will open. You have to enter your personal data in the login window if you have not already registered. You can alter these details at any time by clicking onto “my account”. You can also monitor the status of your order by clicking onto “my account”.

How will your personal data be used?

Autoteile Post AG does not pass on your data to third parties, unless we have acquired your explicit permission to do so. We appreciate the trust you place in us and take the utmost care to protect your personal details. Autoteile Post AG carries out internal research concerning demography, interests and the behaviour of users based on the data which you place at our disposal when registering or from server protocols. This enables us to take your preferences into account and consequently to optimize our range of services.

What provisions are made for our co-operators with respect to exclusion of liability?

We would like to point out that our co-operators, advertisers on our website and other internet sites or services, which are accessible through our website, have their own data protection guidelines. Autoteile Post AG takes no responsibility or liability for these websites or for the guidelines and procedures which apply to these websites.

How are my personal details protected?

For your protection, these personal details will only be used for processing your order and will be handled with care. This, of course, also applies to our staff and other firms which support in the processing of your order. This information will naturally not be passed on beyond that.

Do I have the right to object to the use of my personal data?

According the German Federal Data Protection Act you, as the affected party, have the right to object to the use or forwarding of your data for advertising purposes (blocking signal, BLO). Moreover, you have the right to demand information and, under certain circumstances, to demand correction, blocking and deletion of the data saved in one of our files.

Is data protection actually guaranteed by law?

According to the German Federal Data Protection Act, it is permissible to process and use data if the German Federal Data Protection Act so allows or if the affected party grants permission to do so. The German Federal Data Protection Act always allows processing and use of data if such occurs when determining the specific purpose of a contract or quasi-contractual bond of trust, or insofar as it is necessary in order to ensure the safeguarding of the legitimate interests of the body which stored the data, or of a third party, e.g. a recipient, and if there is no reason to suppose that the affected party’s protectable interests in ruling out processing or use of personal data predominate, or rather if such protectable interests exist.

What else should you know about data protection?

Please bear in mind that personal information which you voluntarily disclose online, e.g. when you evaluate products, can be gathered and used by others. This means when you send out personal information online in areas of public access, you could receive unwanted communication from others. Please see to it personally that you keep your password secret and use the internet carefully and responsibly.
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